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Women Investors

Women Investors


  1. In 2020, women are expected to control $43 trillion of global consumer spending through voluntary private consumption or an exchange of money for goods and services.1
  2. In 2019, PEW research said 80% of women, which children, identified themselves as the primary shoppers for their household and 68% with no children.2

          1 Source: PR Newswire. “Global Female Income to reach $24 Trillion in 2020.” March 2020. Based on Global Mega Trends to 2030 Research.

          2 Source:, 2019

Business Ownership:

  • In 2018, women owned 19.9% of all business in the United States1
  • Women-owned businesses are estimated to generate nearly $1.8 trillion in revenue and employing nearly 10.1 million people1

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    However, women still have many concerns:

    Long-Term Health Care

    • Women outlive men about 5 years on average
    • Women represent more than 70% of nursing home residents1

    Financial Security

    • In 2019, 10.3% of women age 65+ lived in poverty, compared to 7.2% of men2

    Living Alone

    • 48% of women age 75+ live alone, compared to 22% of men1

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