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Accredited Investors

TCA manages assets for Accredited Investors (1MM+) utilizing any and all of two (2) unique strategies in an effort to meet our client’s needs:

Increased Income

How do you find increased income in a low interest rate environment?

  • With the Increased Income strategy, we purchase dividend-paying ETFs and sell “calls” on the portfolio to bring in additional income.

  • Our clients receive a two-fold benefit: dividends from the ETF and premium from the sale of calls.

  • We seek to repeat this process anywhere from 6-8 times per year per ETF for maximum income opportunity.

Dynamic Pattern

Is there a strategy that identifies patterns in the market?

  • Markets typically exhibit two (2) patterns:
  • Periods of quick, strong movement up or down
    Periods of choppy, back and forth action with no advancement

  • The Dynamic Pattern strategy is designed to:
  • Identify patterns which have a higher probability of strong movement (up or down) and
  • Invest in a way that can participate in said movement.

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