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Private Wealth Management For Select Individuals


First, we spend each day answering the two fundamental questions that everyone has of our industry: (1) Will I make it? and (2) Do I have any financial blind spots?

We work to identify opportunities, “blind spots,” that you may have overlooked.  More often than not, these “blind spots” are risk related.  For example, clients expose themselves to increased risk by using investments that duplicate one another or not having a process to reallocate assets based on economic cycles.

We have discovered that most people do not have a clear definition of what “it” is, so defining everything that you are trying to accomplish with your wealth…with a high degree of specificity…is paramount.

Next, we seek to uncover financial blind spots that you might have overlooked that might do yourself, your family, or your business harm.  Rest assured that any risk exposure identified will be met with a rational strategy to mitigate risk(s).

Then, we present a suitable financial plan, complete with detailed investment strategy to address areas of concern and potential opportunities through a balanced and well-diversified portfolio.

Most importantly, we proactively monitor and manage your assets while communicating timely counsel as market conditions typically shift.

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Securities and Advisory Services Offered through Prospera Financial Services, Member FINRA/SIPC.

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If you are receiving solicitations to buy or sell products from TCA Financial Group outside of North Carolina, please do not respond. We are located only in North Carolina with no TCA Financial representatives outside of this state.




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