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The Rules Have Changed

For the baby boomers, this is not your parents’ retirement

  • Pensions have all but disappeared
  • More expenses coupled with longer life expectancy
  • Compounding factor of economic uncertainty

Investors must have a clear understanding of today’s most common retirement concerns

  • Health care
  • Housing
  • Investment volatility
  • Inflation
  • Rising taxes
  • Working in retirement

How can you gain perspective and uncover hidden opportunities behind these concerns?  By working with a financial advisor, you and I are able to discuss strategies to help you address and plan for the unseen issues you will face in retirement.

Consider the following:

  1. Will your savings be enough?

    • A person who turns 65 in 2015 is expected to live 18 more years1
    • A $60,000 per-year lifestyle today will cost approximately $120,000 in 20 years2

    1 OASDI Trustees Report, 2010
    2 NewRetirement.com, “Inflation Can Devastate Even a Good Retirement Plan,” 2011

  2. How much will my future income be affected by taxes?

    • Scheduled expiration of Bush-era tax cuts in 20121
    • Further tax increases likely
      • Current rates at 70-year lows
      • Federal deficit projected to hit $1.6 trillion2

    1 Andrew Friedman, “Investing in a Rising Tax Environment,” 2010
    2 www.usgovernmentspending.com

  3. What if the markets look like this during the first year(s) of YOUR retirement?


    • Could your current portfolio withstand a decline of more than 15-20% in the markets?
    • Do you know which asset classes should be in favor and most likely outperform if the broader markets decline substantially?
    • Have you stress tested your portfolio for these very real conditions?

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