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Private Wealth Management For Select Individuals

Accredited Investors

TCA manages assets for Accredited Investors (1MM+) utilizing any and all of two (2) unique strategies in an effort to meet our client’s needs:

Increased Income

How do you find increased income in a low interest rate environment?
  • With the Increased Income strategy, we purchase dividend-paying ETFs and sell “calls” on the portfolio to bring in additional income.
  • Our clients receive a two-fold benefit: dividends from the ETF and premium from the sale of calls.
  • We seek to repeat this process anywhere from 6-8 times per year per ETF for maximum income opportunity.

Dynamic Pattern

Is there a strategy that identifies patterns in the market?

  • Markets typically exhibit two (2) patterns:
    • Periods of quick, strong movement up or down
    • Periods of choppy, back and forth action with no advancement
  • The Dynamic Pattern strategy is designed to:
    • Identify patterns which have a higher probability of strong movement (up or down) and
    • Invest in a way that can participate in said movement.

Securities and Advisory Services Offered through Prospera Financial Services, Member FINRA/SIPC.

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If you are receiving solicitations to buy or sell products from TCA Financial Group outside of North Carolina, please do not respond. We are located only in North Carolina with no TCA Financial representatives outside of this state.




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